Sloooooow and Eeeeassy

Speed is matter of perception. A hundred miles an hours is a fast clip for a car but is very slow for a commercial aircraft. Ten miles an hour is a pace that just might win a marathon but will finish dead last in a sprint.

My perception is continually shifting when I think of this, our third 3300 mile walk across America for Christ. Deep within me, I want to be the hare, fully of energy and speed, and anxious to finish; gotta go, gotta do, hurry, hurry!
Like Dorothy, I want to get back to Kansas; to our friends and our church and familiar surroundings. Even though it’s summer, I find myself humming, “I’ll be home for Christmas. You can count on me.”

But, God and Lucy remind me, the journey is not about miles nor speed nor time. 3300 miles is just the name of the journey that tells us when we began and when we finish. The walk for Christ is about people. It’s about acknowledging Christ, building relationships, listening to stories, looking for people’s strengths and assets and encouraging them to use what they’ve got. It’s about loving people as best we can whenever we can. That all takes time and cannot be rushed.
God and Lucy remind me that the beginning our trip was fraught with mishaps and so it may be at the end. The significance of this mission trip is not determined by speed in which it is completed. Our culture values an action by how quickly it is done. God measures by how nobly a thing is done. Our job is to simply take our time and love well as we go.
Slow and easy wins the race,
Embrace God’s people and feel God’s grace.
Slow and easy; no need to hurry.
Don’t be anxious, fret or worry.
Bless and love as best you can
Take time to love your fellow man.
“Slow and easy,” whispers Christ,
“To show some kindness and just be nice.”