The Story Stops the Glory

We were getting out of the RV when we saw her approaching from the back of the vehicle. For a moment, I thought about going around the front to avoid talking with her. “Why?” I thought. We’re out here to talk to people not walk away from them! So we turned toward her and said, “Hello” and wonders of wonders…she said “Hello” back! And so a conversation began and before long we had a new friend. We asked Meredith if there was anything we could pray for her about and she said she wanted to receive her Prayer Language.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term…prayer language refers to speaking in tongues. It’s an utterance that may be indistinguishable to anyone except you and God. Some Christians practice it, others dismiss it and still others are a bit afraid of it. But right there in the parking lot, we joined hands and prayed. It was a beautiful experience as we all felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. We said our good-byes and Meredith strolled home with the name of Jesus on her lips.
As we walked across the parking lot toward Wal-Mart to pick up some supplies, we saw a man getting out of a motorized cart attached to shopping basket. He seemed to be struggling making the transition from the cart to the car even though his wife was helping him. I wanted to stop and pray with and for him…but I didn’t. As we continued to the store, I thought “I should go back and pray with that man.” Lucy looked at me and said, “Do you want to go back?” “No,” I replied. I was feeling foolish.
A day or two later I talked to God and then Lucy about what happened. trying to figure out why I didn’t stop and bless that man. I have met all kinds of people on the road and speaking with them has never been a problem. We approach each other, we talk, share and pray. Why was this different? Lucy laid it out in simple terms and the Holy Spirit convicted me of the truth of her words.

“You gave yourself time to make up a story. You said something to yourself like… ‘He’s going to tell me to mind my own business.’ or ‘He’ll yell something like…I don’t need your @#%* prayers!’ Many times, we write, produce and direct a Hollywood movie in two seconds or less. Then after we’ve written the story…we believe it! God gives us a chance to be a blessing and then we do our edit and the next thing we know…our story stops the opportunity to show God’s glory.” Lucyah sat quietly as her words pierced both my mind and my spirit.
How many times, Lord? How many times have I passed up an opportunity to acknowledge You and be a blessing? How many times have I passed up a Divine opening to let Your healing power or Your Words of encouragement flow through me because of a story I made up out of fear? How many times have I let my story stop Your Glory?
Forgive me, Lord, but more than that…help me fear no more.