Right Here; Right Now Missionaries

We had just finished sharing  the testimony of Bartimaeus with about ninety kids of various ages at Asbury Bible camp. Justin looks like a kid without a care in the world.  His eyes are bright and shining and he’s got a  great big contagious smile!  But looks, as you know can be deceiving. That’s why Jesus told us to live by faith, not by sight.

His father is in prison for attempted murder. His mother has been denied visitation rights; a drug problem he says matter-a-factly. He lives in foster care but this week he’s spending time at camp with his twelve year old brother.  Charlotte walks by and one of the counselors tells us that some of the children like her come from disruptive homes. They’ve never seen the inside of a church and they soak up the personal attention they get here like a sponge. There are about 1.5 kids for each counselor so there is plenty of time to talk, listen and hug!

The camp is designed to accomplish several things in one short week. The children are taught about Jesus Christ. They learn structure, manners and responsibility.  Team building  is stressed and encouragement is freely distributed. In one short week, kids and counselors alike get a glimpse of Godly reality. They go back into the world armed with a strengthened spirit and, not just hope, but faith that God will see them through.

The adults who fund these camps, and  those who give their vacation time to running these facilities are true missionaries to America. No one know their names and yet they are planting seeds of Godliness in the next generation. These are just some of the people that make America great…..They are missionaries to America!