Anyone who has been camping knows how annoying mosquitoes can be. They seem to have a knack for finding spots on your body that a contortionist couldn’t scratch! Their favorite targets are behind the knee  or at the very center of the back!

Some circumstances in life are a lot like mosquitoes. They are not life threatening. It’s no good to complain about them, yet it just feels good to be released from frustration by letting out a good whine.

We are in the process of moving…again. It seems these last few years all we do is pack and unpack. In the course of all the things that could happen in a person’s life, THIS is nothing! Everyone has gone through it we reason, but somehow that doesn’t matter much when you are annoyed.

At this point we do not have the option to buy a place of our own and so that puts us in the position of  renting. We are also in the middle of scheduling 2013 speaking engagements and it looks like we may be on the road for 2-3 months next summer. If we lease, we end up paying rent for an apartment we don’t live in for 60-90 days. If we pay month to month, we have to move again in another 6 months plus put our furniture in storage. We already have a bunch of “stuff” stored at our friends’  house for the past three years. That’s a bit of an imposition on our friends (although they assure us it isn’t)….

Don’t expect you to fix anything, just needed to vent a bit and have someone pat my hand and say “There, there. Everything will be just fine.”  Thanks for listening. Sometimes, when you’re not around. I talk to GOD about these things. He’s a great listener, too!  Just the other day I had some cheese and whine and He patted my hand and said “Everything works for good…”