Smith Chapel

They needed help. The family had no place to live, few possessions and even less money.  Each day looked bleaker than the one before. Life in the local shelter grew depressing as they saw no way out. The world seemed dark and uncaring and yet….

Their situation caught the attention of a small church on Highway H and life began to brighten. Ron & Lucinda talked about what they could do and decided to take a risk. They invited the strangers to live in their home.

Jacob is only about 11 and as young as he is, he saw the need too. He looked in his own pocket and realized there wasn’t much there. Although he had no jingle in his jeans, he looked into his heart and there he found an idea! Jacob also knew an idea without action produces nothing. He did what every wise young businessman does, he got counsel from those who had lived longer and experienced more. Together Jacob, his parents and his church family put together rummage sale….two of them, in fact!  From idea and action, the family received some items they needed plus over $700.00 in cash! To them it seemed like they won the lottery!

As the church looked around to other communities beyond their own, they saw ways they could help other families in need as well. Tanya leads events in the surrounding small towns and connects with other church denominations. Building the Body of CHRIST in her area of influence is her specialty! When they discover kids don’t have enough to eat, they feed them. When they see people need clothes, they clothe them. They love and encourage with reckless abandonment!

Sunday Pastor Barry celebrated their leadership in loving and serving. He gave each one of them a basket made in a third world country. The weavers there are paid by a Christian ministry  so that the local workers can earn a living for their family and maintain their dignity. I found it interesting that the good pastor supports and encourages the efforts his local missionaries to America while supporting the economy and ministry efforts of those abroad.

Smith Chapel is located on Highway H in Marshall, Missouri. Their address is no coincidence because the “H” stands for HOPE and they freely give it to all in need. H.O.P.E. …. Helping Other People Everywhere