It’s About America

The election is behind us and the future is before us. What kind of future is up to you and I!

We can argue about homosexual marriage, legalized marijuana and abortion all we want.  We can have heated debates over  the jobless rate and  health care. Argument and debate are verbal hamsters running in cages that give us the illusion that we are accomplishing something.

We can’t fix everything all at once so let’s start somewhere. I’d like to offer a two step plan that will help get us back on track.

1) Honor GOD. Regardless of what religion you follow, GOD is recognized as the Author of all that is good. If we want our future to be good, GOD needs to be in it. The character of a country or an individual is determined by what is inside. What motivates us masters us. The choice is yours and mine.   Greed or generosity?  The need to be right or the need to do right?  Bravery or bravado? Sincerity or spin? Character or cash?

When GOD is the center of our thinking, we draw to ourselves the characteristics of GOD: honor, truth, integrity, courage, generosity, kindness, love, patience and peace. Are these not the things we want…for America and for ourselves?  We want to be known for these virtues and we want our children to have them as well.  We can. It begins by honoring GOD. Speak of Him often. Acknowledge Him. Imitate Him.

2) Eliminate debt! Everyone knows the one who lends has more power than the one who borrows. Our national debt is over $16,239,600,000.00….a staggering amount BUT…..not more than we can handle when we first admit we have a problem and then say “No More!”

In order to help America get out of debt, you and I need to make the first move. We need to teach our government leaders and lead by example by removing debt from our own lives.  Automobile manufacturers, department stores and electronic centers make the bulk of their money from, not the sale of their product, but from financing! The borrower is slave to the lender. We are Americans! We were NOT  born to be slaves!