Thankful To

This is my favorite time of the year. For the next six weeks or so, we live in a season of gratitude! It is a time we realize we are privileged to live in America.

“Thank you” fills the air like confetti at a soldier’s homecoming parade. This is a time in our American culture where we reflect on our blessings, rights and benefits.  This is a time when we gather in our homes and become humbled by our good fortune. True, some have more money or possessions than others. There are those who are in better health than others. This has been the case since the beginning of time in every culture. In America, however, there can be no doubt that we live in great affluence and privilege.

This is our season to be  thankful for and to be thankful to.

Let us be grateful for, not only the basics of life (a roof over our head, clothes on our back and  food on our table) but for the many things we often forget about. (the ability to see and hear and think and feel and to have love in our life….not to mention a smartphone or Ipad).

The world sees us as independent people but that is not true. We are an interdependent people. We depend on each other. Everything we possess or think or feel or say has been affected by other people; friends, family, church, employer or colleagues.

We all have someone to be thankful to. This season we will hear people say they are thankful; some for their circumstances, some for their health and others for their relationships. When you press them to find out who they are thankful to, you will hear a myriad of answers from Grandma, to Uncle Bill to Professor Miller. If you listen beyond their words and look into their heart you will see the Source of all Goodness and Gratitude and you will know they are most thankful to GOD.

We all have Someone to be thankful to and we are most thankful….that He loves us.