Cash & Carry

Debt is always hot topic. Perhaps because it’s a vice of both the government and the governed.

The current talk in our capitol is about the “fiscal cliff” and whether we need to adjust our budget to accommodate our spending or regulate our spending to fit the constraints of our budget.  Budgeting is something that we haven’t embraced as a national or personal habit. Just as everyone seems to have an opinion, nearly everyone I know also seems to be wrestling with a “fiscal cliff” of their own. Everyone, except Olivia.

Lucy and I  recently took a series of nine classes through Financial Peace University. Its main thrust is to guide you on a path to get out of debt and into a place of financial stability. Changing your financial behavior changes your financial results. It’s racist; you learn to hate red and love black!  It’s an excellent course and we plan to take it again.  Olivia, however, doesn’t need to take it….she has managed to avoid debt her entire life! Her methodology is simplistic: Cash & Carry!

The benefits of her method extended beyond the obvious. You only spend cash; no slick plastic (no credit or debit!) to make you feel affluent and important. You feel the crinkly green paper pass through your fingers and you stop and think before you buy. You only buy what you can carry. No shopping carts. You walk to the local market. This way you get exercise and if someone walks with you……you talk to them!

I remembered growing up in West Philly and we lived the Cash & Carry method. We went to the market on Woodland Avenue every day or two but we bought only what we needed, got exercise and developed friendships. I look back now and wonder why I ever changed what was working.  More importantly, I think it’s time to get back to the basics of Cash & Carry.

Starting right now….credit is not a strategy and debt is not an option!

Not for  you and me…. and not…. for our country!