GOOD Comes

Do not be deceived by evil. It is Good that permeates and dominates the world.

Viktor Frankel‘s body and mind were tortured by the Nazis but they could not conquer his spirit and out of the evil inflicted came “Man’s Search for Meaning.” It is a book that has positively and inspirationally impacted millions of lives for the Good.

Columbine High School was visited by evil and people perished yet the survivors of that atrocity have given us insight and procedures to protect millions children and teachers. Crippling evil inflicted on a few yielded Good for many.

The horror of 9/11 brought our nation to its knees. We slowly and painfully rose to our feet again, put our minds and spirits to work and developed creative ideas and a resolve that resulted in security measures, not only for our own country but for the Good of  nations around the world, preventing many similar attacks. Once again the heartbreak of a few prevented the destruction of many.

When evil attacks it is vicious. It’s intent is to kill, steal and destroy. The pain is real and neither justice nor revenge can numb the agony or restore life. I remember when my own son died at 22 months of age. The heartbreak was nearly paralyzing. I remember feeling angry and powerless. I cried our to GOD in rage and He replied. “If you wish to honor your son, live well.” I pondered that over and over and finally realized that focusing on loss, hurt and pain would make me a bitter, angry man. Was that a legacy that would honor my son? Through the tears I decided to be grateful for the time we got to spend together. When thoughts of “should have’s” came into my mind, I would remind myself that destroying my life would not return his. Others need my love. I tried my best to be strong yet there are still times that a certain sound, smell or song will take me back to that horrible moment and open the wounds of a broken heart. Yet….Good prevails.

 Now evil has struck a crushing blow to the small community of Newtown, Connecticut. Brutal. Senseless. Unnecessary. Barbaric. People cry out in anguish and excruciating pain “Where is the Good in this?”

I assure you: Good will come. It always does but it takes time to move us farther away from the horror. Now is our time to pray for our family in Newtown and cry out to GOD for them and with them. When our tears are exhausted and our strength is gone, we will hear Him whisper….

“Honor your children. Live well.”