2013 – The laboratory

What is it that you see?

What would you like to see?

How would you like this next year to unfold?

Most of my friends live in one of two camps. There are those who make resolutions and goals with the best of intentions and then suffer because they give up on them by about mid-March. There are others who never make goals or resolutions because they have already decided they will not keep them; rather than go through the pain of failure, they don’t try.

I must confess I can admit to spending many years in both camps. This year I’m taking a different approach. I’m looking at the next 365 days as a laboratory and I’m gonna experiment with stuff! I’ve already decided how things are going to go.

Some things are going to be stunning successes! It’s in those times I will laugh, be filled with joy and have fun. Some experiments are going to be dismal failures. It’s in those times that I will remember Edison, the Wright Brothers, Jonas Salk, Robert Jarvik and Bill Gates. These were men who dismally failed over and over and over again. They missed more than they hit. I will learn from my failures as they did from theirs and my knowledge will expand and my life will increase!

The constant AND variable in every experiment I run is…. me! Science has shown us that all of nature grows and expands toward Light. Everything unfolds and grows upward as it praises it’s Creator.  When I raise my thoughts to higher ideals, when the words of my mouth are used to encourage GOD’s children and when the work of my hands is used to lift people up, the results in my laboratory must improve.

In the next twelve months, even if I fail twice as much as I succeed, I will be batting .333!! Good enough for the 2013 Hall of Fame! So 2013 is a year dedicated to learning, fuller expression, increase and growth….I sincerely hope you will join me in the laboratory. It is a place  of guaranteed success; a place where every mistake leads to a great discovery!