We Rarely Hear About….The Good Lawyers

I am so grateful for the people behind the scenes who are always working to protect our freedoms….the quiet ones that we hardly every hear about.  Not every soldier carries a gun because not every battlefield is a military confrontation. Not every fight is a physical one.

Scripture (Eph 6:12) tells us that our battles are not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual forces of evil. In today’s world, the battlefield of right and wrong is often fought in a business boardroom or in the court of justice.

There are men and women today who have gone to school and dedicated themselves to become God’s Special Forces on the legal battlefield.  They  mull through oceans of paperwork, read the fine and tedious print and file motions and briefs on our behalf  to uphold the Constitution and safeguard our rights. Our gladiators for Good, not only have to be smart, but they must be thick skinned and willing to work for less wages than their corporate counterparts. They have the knowledge of the world in their minds, the good of the people in their sights and the Word of God in their heart. Deborah Dewart, a lawyer from North Carolina recently wrote:

“Liberty, life, and law – all are at risk in American today. That’s why Liberty, Life, and Law Foundation was established – to defend religious liberty, the right to life, and other vital principles of law that undergird the U.S. Constitution.

There are multiple threats to religious liberty: Obamacare’s contraception mandate imposed on religious employers who must finance employee health insurance; efforts to ban religious expression from the public square (even short invocations); laws and policies prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination. It has been almost 40 years since the Supreme Court manufactured a “right” to abortion—dismantling the right to life recognized by the Constitution. America’s basic legal principles and protections are seriously at risk today. Liberty, Life, and Law Foundation is here to help by participating in the crucial legal battles of our time.”

Sometimes we need to stop and give thanks to GOD, not just for the life we have, but for the people who are working so hard to see we keep it!  Pray for Deborah and attorneys like her who are doing their best so you and I can enjoy the best…a free America!