I have heard many different definitions for Faith during the years. Yet although I understand the concept of Faith, I have had a hard time getting  a clear picture of it. Scripture says we all have “a measure” of it. JESUS tells us we just need a little….”a mustard seed” size Faith will get the job done.

Many rely on their Faith as a last resort. “I don’t know what else to do. I just need to have Faith.”  Uncle Ernie was diagnosed with cancer and “we have to pray and just have Faith that GOD will heal Him.”  I started to look at my own attitude when I pray. Often my prayers are disguised wishes.

You and I know GOD is able but the questions that looms in the back of our mind is….is He willing? We’re excited and thankful when a request is answered in our favor. It appears that we are surprised that GOD actually heard us and acted to fulfill our petition!

In the Book of James chapter 1:5-8, we are told that a double minded or doubt filled person is not in the best position to receive from GOD. When we pray, let’s expect GOD to deliver what we want or something better!  Expectation is another word for Faith. What I expect from GOD tells me what I believe about GOD.

JESUS Himself tells us that when we speak, and do not doubt in our hearts that what we say will come to pass….it will be done for us! We can expect GOD to come through!

Here’s a little exercise to strengthen your expectation muscles:

Pick one or two things that you would like GOD to help you with. Make it specific. Write it down like it’s already happened. Something like…. “Grandpa is healed of diabetes.” Post it up…someplace like the refrigerator door or a bathroom  mirror…..where you can see it often. Start thanking GOD for the work in progress and expect to hear good news!  Don’t stop expecting until! Doubts may enter you mind but don’t let them come out of your mouth!

Expect GOD to come through!