The Examination

There are so many things that we are told throughout our life that we assume to be true. Some are partially true or could be true in one set of circumstances but not another. We often have a tendency to generalize and that’s how stereotypes begin to form.

In our world there are societal watchdog organizations that make sure we don’t say the wrong words because they know that words can, not only hurt someone’s feelings, but can also create an atmosphere that would deny people education and opportunities. We go to great lengths to stop the antics of bullies on the playground and in the boardroom. Our culture understands that words can build or destroy people and yet….Do you and I examine the words we say to ourselves?

In GOD’s Word, we learn that both death and life rest in the power of our tongue (Prov18:21).  Even skeptical scientists agree that plant life responds to sound. There is heated debate over the thesis of Dr. Masaru Emoto that water respond to our thoughts. It is widely accepted that our thoughts and words create conditions within our body. We recognize a common source of ulcers in the human body is mental stress. Doctors tell us to manage our stress levels in order to lower our blood pressure and  positively handle our health.

What if we managed our mouth to manage our life?  What if we stopped saying things that we don’t want to happen?  If we don’t want to be broke, let’s stop saying “I’m broke!” Let’s start by doing a quick scan of the thoughts and words that pass through our mind and lips.

What we feed our mouth enters our minds and often becomes a belief then we speak what we “believe!” Let’s examine what we want….most of us want Freedom, Abundance, Good Health and True Love. It may take different forms for different people but those are the root desires of just about everyone. Let’s start focusing on what we want. Let’s

JESUS tells us (in Mark 11:23) that whatever we ask and do not doubt but believe in heart that it will come to pass, it will be done for us. Let’s say the things we want  with no doubt… as if they are already an accomplished fact. At first, it may seem uncomfortable and cumbersome. You’ll look at a wallet that appears empty and say “I am grateful GOD is blessing me with money to pay my bills and take good care of my family.”

At first you may feel like you’re  fibbing to yourself but remember, you are doing exactly what JESUS told you to do!  Here’s His plan….You say, you believe, He provides!

Your intelligence may be telling you this is all too simple. Do my words really have any power?  Can what I say change my life?  The answer is a resounding “YES!”  Take a moment and think about the sports world. Joe Namath said he “guaranteed” a win in the first Super Bowl…and he delivered!  Mohammed Ali said “I am the greatest!” and became so. Look into the political arena. Our forefathers declared freedom before freedom was won. President John F. Kennedy said we would land on the moon nearly eight years before we did!

What works for one will work for all. GOD is no respecter of persons. Listen as He whispers to you right now,
“Speak what you want, child. I am here to help you. You are the greatest!”