What You Say Is

I’m trying to be more aware of the words and phrases I use. At one time, I didn’t think it made any difference what I said. I thought everything was based on how I acted. Was I polite or rude? Did I work hard or slough off?  Was I on time or always running late?

Although all that matters, words matter more.  What we say impacts how we act. What we say to others is important but what we say to yourself is life changing!  Phrases like “I’m sick and tired” or “I can’t afford THAT” add no value to our life.

Words we speak, make inroads into our minds and shape our spirits. Using the name of GOD (I AM) before certain positive conditions strengthens the core of our being.

I AM a strong, healthy, energetic, flexible, pain free body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

I AM a sharp, sound, disciplined, clear thinking, clean thinking mind!

I AM wealth, abundance, riches and prosperity; my GOD, my Father causes good things to come to me.

Take a moment this week and listen to the talk around you. Repeat the positive; delete the negative.  Now listen to the words that are coming out of your own mouth.  When you catch a gripe,  a groan or  a grumble, remind yourself that you are blessed and highly favored and deeply loved by GOD….and we kinda like you too!

Let’s practice speaking the things we want as if they had already arrived. “Thank You, Lord, for our brand new Rialta.”  “Thank You, Father GOD, for that 15 pound weight loss.”   “Thank You, JESUS, for directing us to that three bedroom townhouse.”  Begin to see life as you want it, thank GOD for it and know that what you say…..is!