What The Heck is a Baldknobber?

Orginally, it was was a group of motivated vigilantes in the southern part of the state of Missouri, The group got its name from the grassy bald knob summits of the Ozark Mountains in the area. Today it’s a well-loved family show in Branson, Missouri! They have been singing, playing and joking for over 50 continuous years!

This past week, friends took us to experience the Baldknobbers Jamboree …..and we got the shock of our life!  The humor was funny and clean!  Their vocabulary had advanced beyond the typical four letter variety that we have become accustomed to.

images-11They saluted all five branches of the military service and asked the men and women to stand as the song for their particular branch was sung. It was inspiring to see people of all ages slowly stand and be acknowledged for their contribution to freedom. You could tell they were proud to have served but reluctant to accept the accolades lavished upon them.  It made us want to go and talk to every one of them and learn their story.

The show ended with the cast honoring GOD. Singing “How Great Thou Art” there was no doubt that these people (cast and audience alike) still believed in one nation under GOD.

We left that night knowing that not only did the entertainers do their best to put on a good show… but they lightened our  life with laughter, encouraged and appreciated individuals and humbled themselves before their Creator.

America is full of good, decent, hard working, GOD honoring people. They are so busy serving and contributing that they often go unnoticed. Encourage and support the people who encourage and support the people!