It was a routine cardio stress echo test on a treadmill and I felt good about taking it. I had been going to the gym on a regular basis and images-1felt confident I would do well. The general procedure is that they take pictures of your heart before and after your time on the treadmill. The pictures and corresponding graph show the cardiologist if there are any abnormalities that need attention.
Within 48 hours  a cardiac catheterization was scheduled and I was told I would need a triple by-pass and an Aorta reduction!!! Lucy and I looked at each in disbelief! The thought of our life together ending frightened us and after the shock wore off, tears began to gently fall.
albuquerque_56I wasn’t as afraid of dying as I was of leaving Lucy. I knew she is strong and could go on without me but….something inside didn’t want her to. We are a team and I wanted it to stay that way forever.
 After being kept in the hospital an extra day to consult with various members of the cardiac by-pass team, we got educated as each doctor and nurse took their time in explaining the procedure and answering our questions.  We were also encouraged to watch videos on how to prepare for surgery and how to prepare for the recovery period. Recovery period?  Maybe I wasn’t going to die after all!
Lucy stayed in the hospital with me for two nights and when we woke on the second morning, we both felt better. In our eyes the circumstance was growing smaller and our GOD was becoming bigger! Lucy suggested we read stories of healing in the Bible and we opened up the book of Mark and started to both read and discuss the miracles of JESUS. It was beyond therapeutic and soon GOD impressed upon us that I was not sick, I just needed repair and there is a difference.
Sometimes when we are told we have a health issue,  we jump to conclusions and start telling ourselves the very things we don’t want to happen and start looking for symptoms we never noticed before. It was important for us to watch our words and start talking more about the recovery than the surgery; focus on the healing that would take 6-8 weeks rather than the heart repair that would take only 6 hours.
Although the by-pass surgery was being done on me, the recovery period would be as much work for Lucy as it would be for me. She would be doing everything for me at first and we were cautioned that this could depress me and overwhelm her. I am to be as gentle with her during this time as she is with me. We will both be recovering.
photoRight now we are preparing.  Because they deflate the lungs and a machine breathes for you during the surgery, I am on breathing exercise now to make my lungs stronger later. We needed to purchase a recliner so my feet will be elevated and get a tray for meals. They want me to start walking 2-3 days after surgery and as you might guess, I am looking forward to that!
Each day the dark ravens of negativity appear at different times for Lucy and I but we simply notice them, open the door of our mind and release them. We can’t stop black birds from entering our mind but we can stop them from building a nest there!
Lucy is a rock. She told me she locks eyes with JESUS and does not look to the right or the left.  We believe that life often flows into the form we dictate and so we listen to upbeat music, speak what we desire and stand on the Word of GOD.
Thousands of heart by-passes are successfully done every day in America.  It just becomes a big deal when it’s my heart!  A friend told me that the difference between major heart surgery and minor heart surgery depends on whose heart it is!!! The truth is we live in a wondrous age and in a magnificent nation and we belong to a Glorious Kingdom where we serve a loving GOD.  
And….SURPRISE!…..Nothing changes that!!