What a Difference a Year Makes!

This morning I got up at 5:00am, went to the gym walked about mile and half on the treadmill, worked out on four “weight” machines, spent twenty minutes on the stair stepper and exercised on the mat for another ten minutes. I felt so good I went to the local coffee shop to celebrate with a green tea!

Why celebrate you ask…..welllllll….last year I had my aorta reduced and repaired and a triple by-pass done. I began cardio rehab one year ago today and I could barely move. I was so concerned that my quality of life would be diminished forever! I was repeatedly told it was going to get better but I felt so weak, I didn’t believe it!

I’m writing today because….I am amazed! Amazed at the goodness of GOD. Amazed at the support of people…family, friends and strangers! Amazed at the resiliency of the human body and amazed at all that medical professionals go through to be prepared to help people like you and I when the time comes.

I’m also writing because I want you to know I am thankful to GOD and the wonderful people He created. I want you to be thankful too! Whatever tough situation you may be in…physical, relational or financial….give it time. We may not enjoy the waiting but…..time heals all wounds when we let it.

It is the nature of life to heal… when you let it. As children we fall and sometimes cut ourselves. The brain immediately sends alerts through nervous system that we need special attention in the damaged area. The first responders stop the blood flow, work on reducing the pain and then begin the rebuilding or healing process. The same process is repeated outwardly when a corporation has a financial crisis or a country is hit with a devastating storm. It’s how we widen our minds, strengthen our bodies and deepen our spirits.

Whatever your challenge, jot it down on the calendar and then release it to GOD. Watch as time passes and see the mountain slowly melt away. Perhaps you’ll find yourself smiling, sipping a green tea and saying “What s difference a year makes!”