Christless Christmas

(Today’s post comes from Herman Leonard in New Roads, Louisiana)

There isn’t much on the shelf today that truly epitomizes just what Christmas means to me

Oh, there are decorations, lights galore as you stroll down the aisles, an occasional artificial tree.

Have we elevated ourselves only to look down upon GOD, self-efficient in every way, no longer in need?

Are we self-designated saviours without need of assistance, relying upon our good works, which is sinful indeed?

There is no hope for a generation who thinks like this, nothing but judgment that awaits them in the end.

We must reach out to JESUS and cling to His cross, for this is reality and the message of Christmas, my friend.

When I celebrated my first Christmas on the day of my salvation, oh what joy it brought and blessed relief!

Because JESUS is my reality now for He came and found this sinner, of whom I was indeed chief.

I cannot imagine living one day without Him now, and I thank Him so much for His sacrifice on the tree

JESUS died to save sinners, not self-appointed saviours, this is the heart of Christmas and what it means to me.

I celebrate my LORD and SAVIOUR, my Redeemer each and every day, He is not only a part, but indeed my very life.

For He penetrated a heart that had become stone by the the SPIRIT of His WORD, slicing through as a knife.

A Christless Christmas, I wouldn’t even consider because I know Him now, and no greater love have I ever known,

Love was demonstrated on His Cross as He laid life down, and thank You, my Saviour, for this love that was shown.

(The poet’s own commentary on Christless Christmas)

It seemd as though there is a new celebration out there that supercedes the joyous time of Christmas and it’s called “Black Friday.”  People pushing each other to get there first to the items on sale with no regard to the people before them. It’s a mad, mad rush! Get all I can and can all I get is the new attitude these days, Most are not shopping for others but for themselves. This is so far from the heart of Christmas.

To sum up what Christmas truly means, we need only to look at John 3:16-17 which says: “For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten SON what whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For GOD did not send His SON into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.”

Some how or another, we have “wrapped up” ourselves into this commercialization of Christmas, and if we are honest with ourselves, for the most part have put CHRIST off tot the side. I know this sounds hard but it is the truth. JESUS is the heart of Christmas and, yes, He is the Reason for the Season. There were no Christmas trees at the manager and the only Light was the star that settled over CHRIST’s birthplace which led the Wise men there. This is so important to grasp because all of these other things are menial in comparison.

I always knew that CHRIST died for the world. Most people do. What I didn’t know in my heart was that CHRIST died specifically for me. Until that day I received Him into my heart and it became personal. Now i view it in a totally different perspective, it’s ALL about JESUS!

To take CHRIST out of Christmas means you are only with “mas” or as I see it “mess.” We can never find true peace until we have an encounter with the “Prince of Peace.”  If you don’t know Him, you can. He is never far from those who call upon Him in sincerity of heart, not in mind. GOD is not playing games. He was serious when He sent His SON to save us. Serious enough to have Him crucified, nailed to the Cross for our sins, a place we deserved to be.

Let’s make “CHRIST” the focus of Christmas again. All of these other things are okay but they should never replace JESUS. Finally, these words from Christian singer David Meece:

“We were the reason He gave His life
We were the reason that He suffered and died
To a world that was lost, He gave all He could give,To show us the reason to live.”

This, my friend, is the true meaning of Christmas!










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