The Story of God and the Caterpillar

As written by guest blogger Charles E Pennington ll

This morning as I began my quiet time I was urged to write you a story about a caterpillar with so many legs.

GOD quietly spoke to the caterpillar and said if you will just turn from your ways, die to yourself, I will change you into the most beautiful butterfly. You will not have to use your many legs to inch up this tree as you will be free to just soar to the top with the wings like an eagle.

The caterpillar resisted and said “No” to that quiet voice and continued inching up the tree in defiance. He watched as several of his friends hearing that same voice stopped and began forming a cocoon. He looked on in disgust and believing he knew best….traveled farther out on the tree limb.

As he inched away from the trunk of the tree he was quickly spotted by an old owl. The owl flew down and ate him at once. When the caterpillar went before GOD, he found GOD in tears and the caterpillar begged for his mercy.

“Oh, my child” GOD said, “I cry not that you refused to obey me….but I cry for all the joy I had planned for your life that was lost.”


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