Headed Up? Headed Down? It Depends…

Guest Blogger Pastor Bill Zulker from Pennsylvania shares a brief but beautiful piece of truth.

I started flying lessons with him when I was 79, and then helicopter lessons when I was 81. I now have about 150 hours floating around in the sky. What a thrill!

I remember what my flight instructor told me a few years ago. One of the best lessons I learned was when he stressed the difference between “Altitude” and “Attitude.”

Altitude is how high or high low you are flying.
Attitude is whether you are headed up, flying level, or headed down.

He kept saying, “Watch your Attitude” “Watch your Attitude.”
There is even a gauge on the instrument panel that shows what your attitude is!

If the nose of the plane is pointed too high, there may not be enough power to keep it afloat.
If the nose is pointed too low, you will hit the ground and crash.

SOOOO…. the lesson in life is this:

When the going gets rough, or the trials seem difficult, then “WATCH YOUR ATTITUDE!” 

It will make all the difference in the outcome.

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