About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to acknowledge Christ and to love and encourage people through Biblical presentations, writing, recording and one on one personal contact.

A Little Bit About Lucy…

Born of love in the heart of Mexico City, I was the only child of Carlos and Lucia Ramirez. My mother suffered through complications of the delivery and went home to the Lord when I was fifteen days old. My hip was not completely developed and one leg was significantly shorter than the other. My right hand was severely twisted inward at the wrist and I had no thumb and only three fingers. Scoliosis ravaged my spine. My father faced the challenge of raising what the world would call a handicapped child…BUT…he was not alone. He had God and he had family!

I had a privileged childhood. No, we didn’t have money but I was surrounded and immersed in an ocean of love. My grandmother raised me, my father worked hard to provide for me. My aunts, uncles and cousins embraced and encouraged me as I faced doctor visits, surgeries and therapy. Most importantly, I always knew that Christ was my Friend.

Adventure is my love and so in 1987, with the blessings of my father and grandmother, I came to the United States to learn the English language and experience the American culture. In 1988, I married Nick Della Valle and started working for Dr. Robert Schuller’s The Hour of Power. Over the thirteen years I worked at Crystal Cathedral, I held a variety of positions, which included; secretary for the Director of the Utilities Department, Tele-services Manager of Donor Services Department and secretary for the Creative Services Department of the Hour of Power.

Since I am blessed to be bi-literal (I read, write and speak both English and Spanish), I had the opportunity to assist the Human Resources Department in their communications with the Hispanic staff.  I also had the privilege to use my linguistic skills to do simultaneous translations for both Dr. Robert H. Schuller and Dr. Juan Carlos Ortiz at their respective worship services. While at the Crystal Cathedral, I earned my CTM (Competent Toastmaster) through Toastmasters International and have given several public presentations in both of my languages.

In 2001, after 13 years at the Hour of Power, I resigned my position to join my husband in a ministry of our own for Jesus Christ. It has been one wonderful adventure after another as we have completed three 3,300 mile walks for  Christ across this wonderful country called America!

Now let’s hear from Nick…

From Pennsylvania to New Jersey to Florida to Illinois to Nevada to California to Kansas; my life has been one big love affair with America! It is a land where you can be anything and do anything!

My dad was from Italy and my mom was a European mixture of strength and kindness. Although my folks were middle class economically, they were first class as parents. Born just outside of Philadelphia, I was a sickly boy but my folks always managed to get me to the doctors I needed to see. They provided the care necessary to strengthen me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My high school years were spent in Medford, NJ before attending college at The University of Tampa in Florida. After graduation, I worked for the Oscar Mayer meat packing company in Chicago as “Little Oscar” and from there I hop-scotched across the country. I lighted in Nevada and became a poker dealer before heading to California to try my hand at a variety of occupations. I managed a pizza parlor, owned a carpet cleaning company, and worked at the world’s largest glass church, the Crystal Cathedral!

I was 54 years old when I began to hear Christ whispering in my ear. “Let’s do something together”, He said. “You provide the effort and I’ll supply the guidance and control.” After almost 8 months of conversation and some rather interesting experiences, I found myself committed to walking across America dressed as a first century tax collector by the name of Zacchaeus. I dedicated the journey to my Lord. It would be 3,300 miles for Christ; 100 miles for every year that Jesus walked the earth! What a marvelous adventure it was and so I did another in 2005…and Lucyah and I also completed our third journey which started in 2009. Will there be another walk? Well, I don’t know. God said I’m on a need to know basis and right now I don’t need to know!

For the moment, we plan to help our our home church as best we can and continue to give an eyewitness account of the Miracle of Multiplication and share the testimonies of Zacchaeus, The Innkeeper, and our newest character, Bartimaeus!