A Bump In The Road!

We started this year declaring 2009 a year of HOPE (confident expectation that God was doing something good). Despite a shaky January, we believe that more than ever!

Our latest adventure was a 5 day retreat at St Luke’s Hospital South here in Kansas. The reason is still a bit unclear. The initial diagnosis was severe dehydration (they couldn’t find my veins to take a blood sample!), then a bone scan was added and a benign spot on the lung was detected. Although that sounds a bit roughed…and it had it’s moments…here comes the good part.

We can’t qualify for health insurance because of pre-existing medical conditions and yet that did not stop the medical professionals at St. Luke’s from doing their best to get me well! Their first thought was taking care of me, their second thought was communicating what was going on to Lucy and their last thought was getting paid. Refreshing, isn’t it?

So, you may ask what does that have to do with HOPE? Well, we always have a confident expectation that God is doing something good for us in every situation we’re in, regardless of how it may look on the outside. Most of us love to see rainbows but we’d never get a chance to appreciate one if it didn’t rain sometime. God reminded us, He is always with us, even in the tough times. You can count on Him!

Perhaps the skeptics out there are thinking “Yeah,but how about those medical bills? Bone scan, CAT scan, blood tests…Whew! That all adds up.” It sure does and how much it’s all going to cost is yet to be determined.

This one thing we do know. This was just a bump in the road of life. We are blessed to live in America where we can get the care we need when we need it. We know our God is making a way for us to pay our medical bills. We may not know how or when but we don’t mind the rain because there’s a rainbow coming!….. Whoa!……Check out the colors on that!