Where We’ve Been






Encouraging through the Word of GOD

Inviting Nick to speak is giving fresh, clean oxygen,to those who have been breathing in the fumes of negativity, doubt and self-degradation. He is CPR for the spirit!

“People need to hear the truth and so Nick Della Valle tells them straight to their face ‘You’re not as good as you think you are….YOU’RE BETTER!’”

For years people have been told they are not enough; not thin enough, not old enough, not young enough, not man enough. It’s all a lie! We are made in the image of God. Each of us is a different tool on the work- bench of God. We are not to be com-pared to each other. We are designed to complement each other; to be appreciated for what and who we are.

Invite Us



First Baptist Church of Andover                                                                                      Calvary Chapel Liberty

Southwest Community Church of Olathe                                                                      Eudora Assembly of GOD

Country Club United Methodist Church                                                                        St. Mary’s Christian Center

 First Presbyterian Church of Dodge City                                                                      Silver Lakes Community Church

Fountain Valley United Methodist Church                                                                   Placentia United Methodist Church

Cornerstone United Methodist Church                                                                          Calvary Chapel Kansas City

Iberia United Methodist Church                                                                                      Calvary Chapel Ark City

Crossroads Assembly of GOD                                                                                          Gardner Church of the Nazarene

St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church                                                                         First Congregational Church

Mt. Washington United Methodist Church                                                                  Pathway Church

Manhattan Calvary Chapel                                                                                              Lawrence Christian Center

 Greenwood Terrace Retirement Facility                                                                      Generations Community Church

Eureka Baptist Church                                                                                                       Briery Presbyterian Church

Smith Chapel United Methodist Church                                                                      Lighthouse Community Church

 Pomona Assembly of GOD                                                                                             Living Stones Messianic Church

Dover Place Christian Church                                                                                        Cassville United Methodist Church

Raytown First Assembly of GOD                                                                                   Faith Chapel Assembly of GOD

Calvary Chapel of West Wichita                                                                                     Calvary Chapel of Kansas City

Ohio Street United Methodist Church                                                                          Church on the Rock

Calvary Chapel Liberty                                                                                                     7th Day Adventist Church of Marshall

Grace Community Church                                                                                               Northmoor UMC

Meadowbrook UMC                                                                                                          Full Gospel Outreach Center

Faith United Church                                                                                                         Calvary Temple Assembly of GOD

Jefferson Assembly of GOD                                                                                            Christ Chapel

Wilkes Boulevard UMC                                                                                                    Calvary Chapel Heartland

Belvidere Heights Baptist Church                                                                                  Silver Lakes Community Church

Manhattan College Avenue UMC                                                                                  New Life Assembly of GOD

First United Methodist Church