Old Testament Scripture tells us that the power of death and life are in the tongue. Jesus teaches that if we speak it and believe it, it will come to pass.  How we express ourselves impacts our environment personally and professionally. Science has proven that positive words expressed toward plants yields positive results. Children who have been repeatedly told by their parents that they will never amount to anything…generally don’t! Employees who speak positively in the work place get promoted.

Knowing all of this, there are still many who think that words are nothing but powerless hot air!  “Saying you’re arm isn’t broken when it is, isn’t going to change a thing,”  they argue. Although I don’t believe we should deny our circumstances. A broken arm is a broken arm but….we can speak differently about it.

Instead of restating the obvious  “Oh, my poor arm is broken” or repeating over and over “My arm really hurts”….perhaps we could state the results we want to see or articulate the course we want our body to take. “My arm is mending quickly.” “Thank God, my arm is being healed” or  “Healthier every day; better in every way!”

Our mouths speak. Our ears listen. Our brain directs our body to follow our commands….but don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself. Start speaking what you want; believing that it it will come to pass…..look for positive results.